Atlas greek god symbol

atlas greek god symbol

Atlas (Gr: Ἄτλας) is the titan of strength, endurance, heavy burdens, astronomy and endurance, heavy burdens, astronomy and the bearer of the sky. Symbols. In Greek mythology, Atlas was a Titan condemned to hold up the sky for eternity after the Titanomachy. Although associated with various places, he became  ‎ Titanomachy · ‎ Disambiguation · ‎ Hyades · ‎ Farnese Atlas. Quick facts on Atlas, the Greek god. Atlas ' Symbol or Attribute: Almost always depicted, at least in modern times, with the globe of the world. atlas greek god symbol

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Anyone with the link can view. Bibliography Carabatea M, Greek Mythology Pergamos, Peania, Hesiod, Hesiod Loeb Classical Library, Atlas continues to be a commonly used icon in western culture and advertising , as a symbol of strength or stoic endurance. He is unfortunately stuck holding up the world. Mozley Roman epic C1st A.


Greek Mythology Project on Atlas Achelous Asopus Enipeus Scamander. Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. The twelve first-generation Titans were ruled by the youngest, Kronoswho overthrew their father, Oranos 'Sky'at the urgings of their mother, Gaia 'Earth'. But when he found his strength surpassed for who could match the strength of Atlas? However, the wily Hercules tricked the god into swapping places temporarily while the hero got himself some cushions to more easily bear the tremendous weight. In a late story, [20] a giant named Atlas tried to drive a wandering Perseus from the place where the Atlas mountains now stand. Slot machine play for fun Science Copy this quick tutorial to learn how prezi works.

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